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Greying Hair

There was a time when hair graying happened to only older people. But in our present day, due to high-stress levels and pollution, we see this even among girls as young as 16. It has become an important concern and thousands of people, men and women alike, are seeking medication.

Typically, white people start going gray in their mid-30s, Asians in their late 30s, and Indians in their mid-40s. Half of all people have a significant amount of gray hair by the time they turn 50.

What causes grey hair?

  • Genetics
  • Vitamin B-12 deficiency
  • Thyroid problems and health issues
  • Lack of nutrition
  • Stress
  • Smoking

Grey Hair Treatment at Medisia :

What is Mesotherapy ?

Mesotherapy is a technique that uses injections of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten skin, as well as remove excess fat. Michel Pistor, a doctor in France, developed the technique in 1952. It was originally used to relieve pain. In the years since, it has gained popularity in all parts of the world.

How does it work ?

Active ingredients used in Mesotherapy are introduced into the skin by small micro injections. The needles used in Mesotherapy are very short and thin so the doctor can deliver the medications to the right depth.Different mesotherapy ingredients are used for different indications.

What are the solutions used in Mesotherapy ?

There isn’t a standard formula for the substances injected in mesotherapy. Doctors use many different solutions, including:

  • Prescription medicines like vasodilators and antibiotics
  • Hormones such as calcitonin and thyroxine
  • Enzymes like collagenase and hyaluronidase
  • Herbal extracts
  • Vitamins and minerals

How long does the effect lasts ?

In addition, the long term results of Mesotherapy treatments are very dependent on what active ingredients are present in the Mesotherapy solution and how many treatments are prescribed.

Is it for me ?

Mesotherapy is most effective for Skin Sagging, Sun Damaged Skin, Uneven Skin Tone and Pigmentation, Hair loss, Greying hair, Breast and Stomach Sagging, Dry and Dull Hair.

Why Medication and Nutrition ?

This requires a steady and formulated medication and nutrition plan by the expert doctors at Medisia, to maintain the results.

Is it for me ?

It is a must If you are undergoing treatments for Acne, Under Eye Dark Circle, Hair Loss, Greying Hair, and Dandruff.

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