The Journey from transforming to transformed

The Journey from transforming to transformed

My work schedule for the past 4 years saw me working late nights and investing a massive amount of time in the business. I had completely ignored myself and started losing control over things. Even though I am from the field of aesthetics and have access to the best doctors and treatments, I did not spend enough time on myself, the customers always came first. One day I met my ex after a while, and as soon as she saw me, she asked why I had started to look like a zombie. I was really taken aback and at that moment I knew I had to do something, knew that I had to changeand this is how I started the journey of transformation.

I have helped so many people take back control of the way they look, but now it was my time to take that journey and not let the environment decide for me anymore.

This is my journey of transformation at Medisia Aesthetic clinic.

Day- 1

My doctor who is also a dear friend asked me to do certain blood tests and from the reports, my treatment plan was devised. Advanced skin brightening treatment was suggested. For seven days I was given ointments to use which was only to be stopped a day prior to the treatment. I was given a few oral supplements and some changes in my diet and lifestyle were recommended along with it.


Day 9

A peel was applied to my face and I was asked to keep it for 8 hours. After 8 hours I had to gently wash it off with water. Instantly after removing the peel, my face was very red and swollen so much so that it looked as if stung by bees all over. But, I had seen a lot of our clients going through it so that was already expected. There was absolutely no pain but the skin was a little sensitive to touch. 


Day 10 to 13, This is where I noticed rapid changes.

When I woke up in the morning, on day 10, there was still some swelling on my face. By afternoon it had become all red though the swelling had subsided. On day 11, there was no swelling and redness but my skin started peeling, I was going through the transformation. Day 12 saw the peeling became very heavy so much that I could see layers after layers of my old skin falling off. At this time my skin was very sensitive to touch. By day 13 the heaviest peeling phase was over and now there was only slight peeling here and there.


Day 19

The peeling had totally subsided and I was ready to start with the second part of the treatment, where I was given a few creams that were to be applied 3-4 times a day. My skin was just a little sensitive to touch and was again looking a little swollen but that too subsided in a day.


Day 27

The skin had started to look really good and I was extremely happy with the treatment, but to see the results & transformation we had to wait for a minimum of 10 more days. By this time, I was also religiously following the lifestyle and diet changes along with the supplements given to me.


Day 40

I could not believe I am the same person, I was ecstatic. I know we can make drastic positive changes in the life of our clients but it’s awesome to get it done for ourselves. I still had some under eye dark circles and so the doctor injected tiny amounts of filler.


Day 45

There was not even a single spot on my face, my skin had totally transformed and my under eye dark circles were gone too. I never thought that I would ever look so good in a no filter selfie, now I rock it.


Day 100

Till this day I am using the creams given by the doctor. Though the effects have dulled a little, I still look extraordinary.

My confidence, not just in myself but also my clinic has really become solid. The work that we do really transforms people and I have witnessed it first hand with transformation.

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